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What is good attendance?


Did you know that one of the few legal requirements in a school is taking the register. This is because attendance at school is so important for our children’s development.

Children are happy and enjoy learning in our school and so attendance overall is good. However sometimes, particularly in winter it’s harder to get children into school. Colds and bugs are more frequent and, like us, children can feel less motivated to get up and get going in the dark.

We are challenging children to be on time and to improve their attendance so more children are above 90%! 90% often sounds good in relation to achievement; exams etc. but in attendance 90% is worrying! It means one day absent from school every 2 weeks. Over a year that means 4 weeks of education is lost and over a child’s school life they would lose more than a year of education! The chart from the Educational Welfare Office illustrates the impact and possible outcomes of absence. 85% and below is persistent absence.

If children are sick, beyond common colds, tiredness and winter blues, please ring us before 9.00 on the 1st day so we know they are safe.

Otherwise please continue to support us in making sure they are in school and on time at 8.40.

Thank you!  

Picture 1 Attendance - Every School Day Counts