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Year 4C

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Welcome to Miss Canniffe's class - Year 4C. We are the Bee Tribe.



Homework will be given every Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday.


Children will be tested on spellings taken from the Year 3/4 spelling list. These will be tested every Monday and a new spelling list will be glued into spelling books. Some children may be given fewer spellings to learn if they are struggling.

Times Tables

By the end of Year 4, children need to know all their tables to 12x12. Each week your child will be given a times table to learn. These will be tested on Thursday. 

Our Class Rules

Little Red Riding Hood Plays

                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 1
                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 2
                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 3
                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 4
                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 5
                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood Plays 6

Celts Day

Experimenting with Electricity

Our new topic is the Celts!

We've drawn some Celtic knots and have tried out some weaving!

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

In English we have been looking at traditional tales. We compared different versions of the Three Little Pigs, then hot-seated the wolves and the pigs and held a trial to decide whether the wolf was guilty or not.




Our verdict? The wolf was INNOCENT.

Maths Mastery

In Maths, we've been using dienes to support our understanding of column subtraction.


Penny for a Guy Enterprise Event

For Guy Fawkes night, we worked in groups to make Guys and then put them on display for our parents to look round.




                    All our guys lined up!

Rangoli Patterns

As part of our India topic, we drew Rangoli patterns in the playground using chalk. Don't they look good!






Indian Food Tasting

We cooked and tasted lots of different Indian food and drink - yum!




Our Bake Sale

Negotiating and influencing enterprise session

In pairs we chose our favourite colour and then took it in turns convincing people that our colour is the best.




Once we'd all made our arguments, we voted on the winner.

Our winning colour was BLUE!

Our first topic this year is India!