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To all our amazing Year 6 pupils.

To all our Year 6s.

Tomorrow, we would have been pacing around awaiting for your arrival and the unveiling of the SATs papers. We would have welcomed you into school with  treats and greeted you with large, reassuring smiles. We would have looked at you all with pride and love in our eyes and we would have offered you caring and positive words to motivate you for the day that lay ahead of you.

You may have had butterflies in your stomach and you would probably have been full of energy and crazy like you normally are. There would have been squeals of excitement, groaning and hugs to reassure your friends. Most importantly, we would have been together.

However, tomorrow will be a very different day. You will be at home safe with your loved ones. For some of you, you will feel happiness and relief and some of you are frustrated and in disbelief. These SATs were going to be a chance for us all to show how hard we have worked this year and how you should never be underestimated at Killamarsh Junior School.  Nevertheless, we don’t need test results to show that and to measure everything you have learnt. Just be you and continue to do your best. Many of the  skills you’ve gained can’t be defined by a test. You will go forwards from here representing KJS and you will show everyone how amazing you are and that hard work pays off.

You have all come so far in the time we have known you. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead of you. We may not be together but we promise you that all of the KJS  team are so proud of you all and we always will be! Please never forget that!

Have a wonderful day! Keep safe 🙂

Love All of the staff at KJS