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Welcome to Year 5G's page smiley


Spelling test: Monday morning. I will upload their spellings onto this page. Children are able to practice these spellings using their purple mash login.


PE: Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has their kit in school.


Times table test: Wednesday. By the end of Y4, children are expected to know all their tables up to 12 x12.  Your child will work through different times tables levels. When they get full marks 3 times (does not have to be consecutive) they will move on to the next level.

Bronze - x2, x3, x5 and x10

Bronze + - ÷2, ÷3, ÷5 and ÷10

Silver - x4, x6, x7 and x11

Silver + - ÷4, ÷6, ÷7 and ÷11

Gold - x8, x9 and x12

Gold + - ÷8, ÷9 and ÷12


Homework: This can be emailed directly to me at any time. Try and complete one activity a week from the homework sheet.





Spelling: The children have now been tested on all of this term's words. Help them to remember these and keep learning the ones they find tricky.

Homework for this term: