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Zoom Quiz

I am holding two Quiz zoom meetings on Monday 22nd June. I have split the class into boys and girls.

Please ensure your child logs in to the correct zoom meeting.
9.00 - Boys - Meeting ID: 761 8881 2786 
10.00 - Girls - Meeting ID: 759 1825 6637 

If your child would like to take part, they need to have a pencil and a piece of paper. There will be 10/15 general knowledge questions for the children to answer. The quiz is just for fun so don't worry about the answers. Unfortunately, due to problems using zoom on our I-pads in school, children in school will not be able to join the zoom call.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. The rules of Zoom Calls are shared below.

Rules of Zoom Calls

Home Learning

Have a look at what we've been learning at home.

If you want your picture adding, email your class teacher using their school email.

Happy sharing!

Welcome to Year 5/6N!


Hello, my name is Mrs Nunnington and we are the Seahorse Tribe.

Come and find out about all of the fantastic work we have been doing in Year 5 and 6!

Times Table Rockstar Champions! Who has won Bronze, Silver and Gold each week?

Times Tables Rockstars Champions


Week ending 20/3/20            Week ending 27/3/20         Week ending 3/4/20

Bronze: Sophie                              Bronze: Harvey                        Bronze: Isla

Silver: Harvey                               Silver: Sophie                          Silver: Harvey

Gold: Lydia                                    Gold: Katie                               Gold: Katie


Weeks ending 17/3/20           Week ending 1/4/20          Week ending 8/4/20

Bronze: Sophie                              Bronze: Sophie                         Bronze: Evie

Silver: Katie                                  Silver: Isla                               Silver: Ben  

 Gold:  Harvey                                Gold:  Jaydan                           Gold:  Jaydan


Weeks ending 15/5/20           Week ending 22/5/20       Week ending 29/5/20 

Bronze: Scarlett                            Bronze: Mollie                      Bronze: Ava  

Silver: Jaydan                                Silver: Bella                          Silver: Isla  

 Gold:  Bella                                    Gold: Katie                           Gold: Scarlett


Week ending 5/6/20            Week ending 12/6/20       Week ending 19/6/20 

Bronze: Harvey                              Bronze: Jaydan                    Bronze:  Scarlett

Silver: Isla                                   Silver:  Katie                         Silver: Isla

 Gold: Scarlett                               Gold: Isla                              Gold: Katie


Week ending 26/6/20           Week ending 3/7/20        Week ending 10/7/20

Bronze: Bella                                 Bronze: Jaydan                    Bronze: Katie 

Silver: Jaydan                             Silver: Katie                          Silver: Jaydan

 Gold: Katie                                    Gold: Isla                              Gold: Isla


Week ending 17/7/20




Science Bread Investigation

Sports Relief 2020

Music-Playing Instruments #musicisalanguagethewholeworldspeaks

Parents' Evening Appointments March 2020

Term 4 Homework

Who was to blame for King Duncan’s death?


We set up a courtroom and planned and took on the roles of lawyers to argue who was to blame. We used persuasive adjectives to make our arguments stronger.

Once we had completed our Lawyer roles, we then became the jury. Our jury Fore-people then collected the votes of each court and shared the overall decision with the class. One court found the Witches to blame, and the other decided Lady Macbeth was to blame.




Liz Million-Illustrator Visit #EveryChildIsAnArtist

Wear Red for Children's Heart Surgery Fund

Britain Since 1948 Day and Tempus Fugit Performance

This term we have been learning about the Artist Andy Warhol- we have been using digital media to create Pop Art of everyday objects, in a similar style to him. #EveryChildIsAnArtist #WeAreChangingTheWorldWithTechnology

Term 3 Homework

Dogs Trust Talk

We had a visitor from the Dogs Trust today, who talked to us about how to be safe around dogs. We were all really interested and listened excellently!

Christmas Jumper Day

Tingatinga Artwork #everychildisanartist

African Drumming #musicisalanguagethewholeworldspeaks

African Mask Making #everychildisanartist

Dave the Attendance Dragon

Parents' Evening Appointment Times

Term 2 Homework

'Our World' Singing Performance #musicisalanguagethewholeworldspeaks

We sang 'A Whole New World' to develop our performing and singing skills. We were very nervous, but did a fantastic job and made Mrs Nunnington and the school very proud!

'I Can Show You the World' Singing Performance

Our Paul Klee inspired Llama #everychildisanartist

Our Paul Klee Sketch Pad Pages

World War II Day

Trip to Pickford's House and Derby Art Gallery and Museum

Useful Information about the Seahorse Tribe

Our Timetable (This is subject to change)



Homework books are handed out each Friday and must be handed in by the following Wednesday. There is a link below showing this term's homework.


Times Tables

Times tables will be tested each Thursday. By Years 5 and 6 it is expected that all children know their tables up to 12 x 12. 



Spellings are handed out each Monday, and will be tested on the following Monday. Each week a sheet will be sent to practice on, and a list will be stuck into the planner.


PE Days

Wednesday and Thursday.

Please remember to bring your PE kit and a bobble to tie long hair back with (if required).


Term 1 Homework