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Max took the recipe off Twinkl and baked some Easter biscuits. Well done Max!
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Home Learning

Have a look at what we've been learning at home.

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On Tuesday 11th February, Liz Million came in to talk to us about books and illustrations. We all loved drawing new characters and hearing about the books that Liz has illustrated.

Author and Illustrator Visit from Liz Million

Author and Illustrator Visit from Liz Million 1
Author and Illustrator Visit from Liz Million 2
Author and Illustrator Visit from Liz Million 3
Author and Illustrator Visit from Liz Million 4

Britain Since 1948 Day

Britain Since 1948 Day 1
Britain Since 1948 Day 2
Britain Since 1948 Day 3

Bedtime Read

Bedtime Read 1
Bedtime Read 2
Bedtime Read 3
Bedtime Read 4
Bedtime Read 5
Today we designed and painted our own African masks. We learnt about the Tribes that would wear the masks, why they wore them and the significance of the colours.

African Masks

African Masks 1
African Masks 2
African Masks 3
African Masks 4

Times for Parent's Evening

Hello and Welcome to year 6.


Homework will be handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned by Thursday of the following week. Mrs Turner, our class teaching assistant, is available to work with children on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon if they need any homework support.


Spellings are given out and tested on a Thursday. All children will learn year 6 spellings but the number they are tested on will be adjusted according to their ability.

Parents Evening Tuesday 12th November

My appointment times have gone out in planners to parents who had already sent slips back.

If you have not got a time or need to check, I have made sure Miss Spencer, in the office,

has a copy of my times. Feel free to give her a ring on Tuesday and she will arrange an appointment for you. If you are unable to make Tuesday, just put a note in your child's planner and I will arrange a different day with you. Many thanks.

Evacuee Day 17th October

Evacuee Day 17th October 1
Evacuee Day 17th October 2
Evacuee Day 17th October 3
Evacuee Day 17th October 4
Evacuee Day 17th October 5
Evacuee Day 17th October 6
Evacuee Day 17th October 7
Evacuee Day 17th October 8
Evacuee Day 17th October 9
Evacuee Day 17th October 10
Evacuee Day 17th October 11
Evacuee Day 17th October 12
Evacuee Day 17th October 13