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Year 3/4G

Welcome to our class page!

My name is Mrs Gregg and our class is the monkey tribe!

Please look at our fantastic learning....

Sports day...

Twycross Zoo Trip...

Our enterprise event went really well. We sold lots of our beautiful hand-made rainforest cards and raised enough money to sponsor a rainforest animal! Thank you to everyone who supported us! :)

Race for Life!!.....
Today in science........
We were experimenting what happens to a raisin when it is put into lemonade. We found that the gas bubbles in the lemonade carried the raisins to the top of the lemonade. When they reached the surface, the bubbles popped so the raisins sank to the bottom again.
We've had some amazing rainforest homework projects so far.....

Rainforest Assembly

Still image for this video
We've been working very hard today planning and organising our Greek Olympic Day for Friday. We will be running our own events for Miss D's class to take part in! Who will be the winners??

A huge thank you to everyone that donated cakes for our Fundraising Friday!! They were all delicious and we raised over £100 for the School Crossing Patrol :) :)

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!! :)

We had some very exciting homework projects brought in based on the Ancient Greeks......


Easter Egg Hunting.....

We loved our 'commotion in the ocean' topic and finished it with some amazing artwork....



Pancake day!! :)

We got very hot and sweaty in PE today trying out circuits. We measured our heart rate before and after. Our pulse was much quicker after the exercising!!
We had an amazing afternoon learning how to use a bow and arrow on our Robin Hood archery day. It was tricky at first but we all got the hang of it. We played lots of games and had a few competitions.
Today we were lucky enough to spend the morning at the leisure centre for a gymnastics session! We were able to learn lots of skills and put them into a good quality routine. We all had lots of fun!
Our Christmas party was so much fun :)
We looked AMAZING on our Celt day.....
Boudica came to visit....
During our 'Celts' topic, we used clay to make Celtic knot torc bracelets......
Following on from our English work on 'The Three Little Pigs,' we held our own trial to decide if the wolf was 'guilty' or 'not guilty' of being a big bad wolf.....
We have been working hard today to produce our 'guys' for the enterprise event!

We did remembrance art work after our two minutes silence. This was another way we showed respect to those who risked their lives for our country.

Here are some of the fabulous finished guys!......
After all our 'guy' excitement, we had a relaxing afternoon making firework pictures.....

We are all ready for our new topic for this half term - THE CELTS!!

'A taste of India.'
On Monday morning we were able to taste lots of Indian food. We tried; lots of spices, dal, lassi, mango chutney, naan bread and some other Indian snacks!! They were DELICIOUS! A special thank you to Rajvir's mum for her fantastic cooking too! :) 
Art - Rangoli patterns
Last week in art, we coloured some ready made Rangoli patterns and worked hard on making them symmetrical. Today, we designed and sketched our own symmetrical pattern before colouring.

Science - teeth

Today we looked at our teeth and found out the scientific names. We checked to see which of our milk teeth we had lost. We found out that most people lost their central incisors first (the front teeth used to bite into an apple)
We used a mirror to check our teeth.....
We then recorded our missing teeth onto a dental chart using a different colour.

Topic - India

As part of our India topic, we have looked at some rangoli patterns. During art today, we carefully coloured our pattern and worked hard at making them symmetrical .

Science - Digestion

In science this week, we used a banana sandwich to demonstrate the process of digestion in our bodies. We now know lots of scientific vocabulary such as saliva, oesophagus, intestine and feces.

Welcome to Year 3/4G!


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