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Year 3D

The Lions - 2015-16

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To an amazing class and an incredible year!

Anyone for tennis?

Y5W Class Sharing - Making Music with a banana

Enterprise Skill Problem Solving - Den Building

Our Greek Olympics

Greek Pottery

Greek Art

PPA with Murmur

We had the opportunity to share our work with the rest of the school. The children took us on a journey back to Ancient Greece through the retelling of the myths, Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora's Box. As well as some amazing acting skills, they finished with a resounding song. 


It is incredible to see the progress they have made in their performance skills. A big thank you goes to Murmur for always getting the best out of them. Super use of the Big 13 Skill Positive Attitude.



Enterprise Olympics

Mrs Gregg's class, as part of their Enterprise lesson, organised and ran an Killamarsh Olympic Games. We thoroughly enjoyed trying a range of activities although it was a little cold!


Next week, we are looking forward to using the skills of Organisation and Planning and Teamwork to run an Olympics for Miss Alldread's Class.


Ancient Greek Pottery

Fundraising Friday

Thanks to my class and parents for raising over £100 from the sale of buns and cakes. Another great example of Financial Literacy and Positive Attitude. All the money raised will go towards funding our Crossing Patrol.

Ancient Greece

Next term we are studying Ancient Greece as part of our 'In the footprints of...' topic.

Don't forget to use your Initiative Skills in your Ancient Greek Homework Project.



Our Class Mural

We produced a Class Mural as part of our Spark of Life topic, Oceans. It was a great way to demonstrate Creativity and Innovation, Product and Service Design and Teamwork.


Easter Egg Hunt

Our VIP children did an amazing job of Organising and Planning an Easter Egg hunt. They also demonstrated Leadership, Teamwork and Positive Attitude. Thanks, you were amazing!!


Sports Relief 2106

We had a great time today running the Sports Relief Mile. Our class raised £22.50 for their donations. This money is enough to buy 2 school uniforms for a former

child-labourer in Nepal, so they can go back to school and get and education.


This was a great opportunity for our class to develop the Enterprise skills of Making Ethical Decisions and Financial Literacy.


PPA with Murmur

We created dances by chance. First we numbered our 6 favourite ocean animals. Then we rolled a die to create a pattern. Finally we created ocean actions and performed them to an audience. A great way to demonstrate Organisation and Planning.


Here are some pictures of us practising.



As part of our Spark of Life topic - Oceans, we read Shadows under the Sea by Sally Grindley. We enjoyed Joe's adventure and learning more about how seahorses are endangered. There are three other books in the series, which follows Joe to Russia to save the Amur Tiger, Kenya to save the Black Rhino and Kites in India. These books have made us think about the Enterprise skill Making Ethical Decisions.


Our amazing oceans homework projects

Battle of Hastings Game

We played a game based on our Normans work. We were split into two teams, the Saxons and the Normans. The aim of the game was for the Normans to invade England and steal all our treasure (cones). The Saxons had to defend the treasure by firing arrows (sponge balls) at the Invaders feet! What a great way to demonstrate the Enterprise skill of Teamwork. We enjoyed playing the game although there was a bit of cheating!



Pancake Day

Design Technology - Norman Castles

Our class studied the parts of a Norman castle and then used the Enterprise Skills of Problem Solving, Initiative and Teamwork to create their own castles.

We are very proud of the results!


Norman Castles

Robin Hood Arrows Archery Day - Big 13 Skill - Risk

This term's Class Books

Robin Hood Assembly with Murmur (from Artis Group)

The Normans and Robin Hood Display

Our Elf Wyn - Classroom Antics!

Farewell Wyn


New Play Equipment

Our Magic Elf

We have had a visit from one of Santa's Magical Elves. His name is Wyn and will be keeping a close eye on us and reporting back to Santa.



We were warned he can be a bit mischievous! Look out for his antics over the next few weeks.

Celt Day

Christmas Post

It's that time of year again and as usual the Year 3's are running

the Christmas Post Office. 

Boccia - Killamarsh Leisure Centre

Operation Christmas Child - Shoe box Appeal 2015

Our class managed to fill 15 shoe boxes and I'm sure we will make children all over the world smile this Christmas. What a great way for our children to demonstrate the British Value of RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Our King for the Nativity

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

In English, we have been reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka. We had a Courtroom Trail with a defence and prosecution team. Our Jury found the wolf NOT GUILTY.

A great way to demonstrate the Enterprise Skill Negotiating and Influencing and British Values Democracy.


Champions of Change Guy Fawkes Event - Children in Need

The Celts

This term we are studying the Iron Age Celts.



We have produced some Celtic patterns.



Concrete Poetry

We have created and published concrete poetry based on India. A concrete poem is written in a shape that represents the poem. Our poems were about India, elephants, tigers and lions. Lovely examples of Product and Service Design.


Reading Tokens

The first reading tokens have been drawn. Our Y3 winner chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff KinneyDon't forget to take the Initiative and earn your chance of winning a book by reading at least three times (a week) at home.


The Money Nasty Game

Today we looked at place value and money. We played the Money Nasty Game. The aim of the game is to get the most money!! You take it in turns to role a die and then decide where you want to put the number. If you role a 1 and are feeling nasty, you can place it in someone else's box! We had great fun and demonstrated a Positive Attitude!


Money Nasty Game

Indian Food Tasting

Rangoli Patterns

Class Book

This is our second class book. As part of our English work, on the book Grandpa Chatterji, we wrote recipes, diaries, letters, reviews and descriptions. Super examples of Effective Communication.



This term we are looking at how we can use Social Media safely. This poster gives advice on keeping safe online. A printable copy of this poster and others can be found be low There is also an E-safety quiz that you can compete with an adult. Remember to use your Initiative and use the Internet safely.




In Science, we had a look at how many teeth we had. Super use of the Enterprise skill, Teamwork!


Our Class Book

We have made a class book of poetry. The poems are called a New School Year. We are very proud of our first published book and can't wait to read it!

Beautifully presented and a great example of Product and Service Design.


Bollywood Dancing

Today, we created our own Bollywood dances with Murmur (from Artis Group)!

It was a lot of fun! What a great example of taking a Risk and trying something different. 


Proud to be British


We found out that Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British Monarch. We used Creativity and Innovation to produce Andy Warhol inspired pictures.


British Values

We cut our photographs in two and sketched the other half of our face. We thought about our class and the importance of British Values.

Understanding,  Respect,  Tolerance,  Rule of Law, 

Liberty,  Democracy and Freedom.


Enterprise Skills

In our Enterprise lesson we focused on the Big 13 skill - Positive Attitude. We thought about what we were good at. Here is some of our work on display in our classroom.


Place Value

Today we used calculators to understand place value. We played a game called 'Go Fish' It was a great way to demonstrate Organisation and Planning.



Today we looked at the digestive system. We showed how a banana sandwich travels through the body and the changes that happen. You showed a Positive Attitude.


                                 Biting the food                      Chewing the food          

                    In the stomach             In the intestine          Excreting the food

Welcome to Year 3D!

Welcome to Miss Davis' Class. We are the Lion Tribe! Here is a display of some artwork and poetry we completed about Lions. Amazing examples of Creativity and Innovation.



Our Reading Area

This is our Reading Area. We are looking forward to using our Reading Tent and exploring different times and places through Reading!