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Farewell to my amazing lion Tribe!!!

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Lion Tribe Forever!

Y4D 2020

Published story

Blue Peter Badge



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Pop up!

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Pizza Making

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Science STEM Activity

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DIY Lava lamp

Maths Obstacle Course

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Florence Nightingale and NHS Home Learning

Welcome to Miss Davis' class - Y4D.

We are the Lion Tribe. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Widdows and Mrs Windle.


Take a look at the amazing things we are doing.

Postcard from Paddington - Venezuela

Postcard from Paddington - Indonesia

Chimp Adoption

Sara has arrived!


Chimp Adoption

Our first adoption pack has arrived! I'd like to welcome Chinoise to our class. Thank you for all the hard work and money you raised.

Don't worry if you didn't have a chance to run your event. Hopefully, we can when we return. As a class we can decide what to spend the extra money on.



Postcard from Paddington

March Parent's Evening

Spring Term 2 Curriculum 

This term our topic is 'What's the Commotion in the Ocean?' We will be studying oceans, there importance and the affect of people. In English, we are reading Shadows Under the Sea. This is a ZSL story about endangered seahorses. In Science, we are looking at Living Things. We will learn about the scientist Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees. We are going to use our enterprise skills to raise money to adopt a chimp. In Design Technology, will be making Ocean inspired pop-up books. Our P.E. topics are Basketball and circuits.

Spellings - Monday

Homework - Hand in Wednesday

Times Table Test - Thursday

PE - Monday & Tuesday


Scroll down for the more information.


Sports Relief 2020

Safety Internet Day

The Jane Goodall Institute

We have received an email from the Jane Goodall Institute. Hopefully, we will receive a letter from Jane Goodall. 🤞🤞


What's the commotion in the ocean? Display

Singing Performance

At 3.00pm, on Wednesday 1st April, our class will be performing 'I'd like to teach the world to sing.' This is to help develop our performing and singing skills. It would be great to see you there.

#MusicIsALanguageTheWholeWorldSpeaks #KillamarshCares

Enterprise Event

Inspired by the Scientist, Jane Goodall, the children are planning, organising and running their own Enterprise Events to raise money to adopt a chimpanzee. 


There are posters available for children to advertise their event and we will arrange dates during the term for children to run them.


Thank you to every who is supporting this event, the children are very excited about it..


We have also sent our Letters to the Jane Goodall Institute, sharing our learning and explaining how we would like to help. Hopefully, we will get a reply.



Indoor P.E. Circuits

Thank you to some of the Y6's who set up and explained circuits to our class.  The children really enjoyed it and it is a great way to keep fit.

Today, we have been learning about Jane Goodall as part of our Science topic 'Living things'. She is a primatologist and has spent her life studying and protecting chimpanzees. We have written her a letter about what we have learnt and these will be sent to her.

As a class, we would like to raise some money to adopt a chimpanzee from the Born Free Foundation. The children are going to come up with their own enterprise idea to raise the money.

#TheScienceOfTodayIsTheTechnologyOfTomorrow         #KillamarshCares



Spring Term 1 Curriculum 

This term our topic is Why were the Celts cut-throat?' We will be looking at the the Iron age Celts. In English, we are reading a variety of modern fairytales with a twist. In Science we are looking at Sound and will be holding a Science of Sound Enterprise event to share our learning. More details to follow.

Liz Million Illustrator Workshop

Science of Sound Enterprise Event

In Science today, the children were answering the question 'Can you see sound?' They carried out 10 different investigations to help them understand sound and how we hear. 

On Thursday 6th February, from 2.45pm, we would like to invite you to our Science of Sound Enterprise Event. You will be able to carry out the same investigations and your children will explain what they have learnt. We look forward to seeing you.


Celt Display

Celtic Roundhouses

In  History, we used our Maths skills to estimate and measure a Celtic roundhouse. They could range from 5m to 15m in diameter.



5 metre roundhouse                           15 metre roundhouse



Times Tables Rockstar Coins Leader Board

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

Bedtime Read

Toilet Roll timeline - Present Day to Neolithic (Later Stone Age)

Toilet Roll Timeline

Autumn Term 2 Curriculum - Where is your place in the world?

This term our topic is What makes India incredible?' We will be looking at the geography, art, music and culture of India. In English, we are reading Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin. We are holding a Taste of India day and a Passport to India Enterpise Event on Monday 9th Decenber from 2.30pm.

Christmas cards and calendars

Pepper's Back! - Y4D Elf Adventures.

Dogs Trust Talk

Passport to India Enterprise event

Attendance Award - Dave the Dragon

What makes India incredible display?

What makes India incredible?

Taste of India

Children in Need

Autumn Term 1 Curriculum - Is Britain Great?

This term our topic is What happened in 1066?' We will be looking at the Battle of Hastings, the Doomsday Book and the Magna Carta and discuss how they change Britain. In English, we are reading a variety of Robin Hood legends.

Homework Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1 Curriculum

Art is Llamazing - Whole class art inspired by Henri Matisse

What happened in 1066? Display

Robin Hood Legends

Attendance Award

Each week, the class with the best attendance will receive a certificate and will get Dave the Dragon for the week. Keep checking to see how many times we have a won and what Dave gets up to during his visits.

Our Starbooks

We have our very own Starbooks, where children can relax and read.



Each child has been given a Starbooks loyalty card.



Everytime they complete a Book Review to share with the class, they receive a stamp. When the loyalty card is complete, they can exchange it for a bookmark.


Happy Reading!



Starbooks Book Review


Homework will be given every Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. Check the Homework PDFs below for a copy of the current homework.


Children will be tested on spellings taken from the Year 3/4 spelling list. These will be tested every Monday and  a copy of the test sent home. Each week they will receive a LSCWC sheet (Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check) to help them practise. They can also practise them using their Purple Mash log in. A marked copy of their spellings will be sent home.

Times Tables

By the end of Year 4, children need to know all their tables to 12x12. The children will work through different Times Tables Challenges. Every Thursday your child will be given a times table test. All children will start by trying to earn their Bronze Award. They have to answer 40 random questions on the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables, in 4 minutes. After they have achieved full marks, 3 times they will move on to the next challenge. A marked copy of the test will be sent home. Practice sheets can be generated using They can also use their Times Tables Rockstar login to practice.

At the end of Year 4, the children will complete an online Times Tables test.


We have swimming on Thursday afternoons. Please remember your swimming costume, towel and money for a locker. Earrings must be removed for swimming. 

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