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Year 5/6 B

Welcome to our class page. We will post regular updates to let you know what we have been doing in school.

A few things to remember:

PE is usually Wednesday and Thursday (Tuesday too if you do an extra slot with Mr Bakes) It would be a good idea to have your kit in school every day as things can change!

Times tables - Wednesday

Spellings - Thursday

Homework is handed out on a Friday and is to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Friday 10th March

In our science learning today we were looking at irreversible changes. This is when 2 materials are combined and a new material is made. There is a reaction and a gas is produced. You cannot separate the materials to get the originals back. We added Mentos to diet coke and watched the reaction.

World Book Day

Work of the Week Friday 3rd February - Will Jennings for his fantastic summary of The Lighthouse.

We are having a new look at the way we teach and learn tables in our class. The children have been given a letter today, Wednesday 25th January, to explain what we will be doing. We are starting with learning squared numbers!

As promised, we have added some photos from our amazing day at Kidzania.

Some of our favourite comments about the day are:

"It was amazing as we were so independent!"

"I loved the fact that the teachers weren't allowed around with us!"

"It was like the real world, where you have to get a job!"

On Tuesday 17th January Larry, from Derbyshire Fire Service, came to talk to year 6 about fire safety. He told us many exciting stories from his 38 years in the fire service. The most important thing he told us was how to keep safe if a fire started in our homes.

We listened really carefully to Larry.

In English at the moment we are looking at Shakespeare. We have been reading a story version of Midsummer Night's Dream. To help us understand the text we have acted out the scenes. This has been great fun.

"But Helena I really do love you!" cried Demetrius.

Work of the Week Friday 13th January

In our recent science work we looked at gravity. We investigated meteorites falling to planets by creating our own planets.

Work of the Week Friday 16th December, a fantastic brochure about our school play by Jessica and Saffron.

Christmas Jumper Day Thursday 15th December

Work of the Week - Friday 9th December

Tyler Rowan for excellent geography work on Canada.

Thursday 8th December

This term the majority of our mathematics work has been based on fractions. We have learnt:

  • How to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.
  • How to find a fraction of an amount.
  • How to find equivalent fractions.
  • How to simplify fractions.
  • How to convert between proper fraction and mixed numbers.

It has been a challenging term with a lot of new concepts to learn. The children have done amazingly well with this and myself and Mrs Turner are very proud of their achievements.

For our recent Golden Time we made spaghetti and marsmallow towers. The aim was to make the tallest tower. We then ate marshmallows and melted chocolate!

Lilia and her excellent maths work on fractions. Work of the Week 2nd December.

Finley and his fantastic maths work - earning him Work of the Week on Friday 25th November