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Year 5/6 W

Welcome to Year 5/6W!


Hello, my name is Miss Worstenholme and we are the Seahorse Tribe.

Come and find out about all of the fantastic work we have been doing in Year 5 and Year 6!

As part of this term's topic: The Mayans, we have made Mayan head-dresses! We look fantastic wearing them...

Making our Flextangles!

Baking Welsh Cakes!

Red nose day by Cam and Megan

The finished product of Shaun the Sheep-by Cam, Megan and Dom M

Making our Shaun the Sheep by Dom.M, Cam and Megan

World Book Day!! (2nd March 2017)

Our stop frame animation by Niamh

We are making a story of Shaun the sheep. We drew on 8 squares to make a story board and we are going to make a stop frame animation that we will be doing over this term as a class.

Our Tudor house display by Ted

Our finished Tudor houses-By Niamh, Ted and James

Making our Tudor houses-by Ted, Niamh and James

Y5/6 scientists by Oli,Caitlin and Harley

Learning about Sikh Gurdwaras in R.E by Harley,Caitlin and Oli

Having fun in P.E by Oli,Caitlin and Harley

Our own Tudor coat of arms by Harley,Oli and Caitlin

Year 5s maths lesson on ratio by Harley

Topic work about Tudors - Oli and Caitlin

Our thoughts on this week.

I have enjoyed making the Tudor roses out of tissue paper.-Amelia

I have enjoyed making the roses and going to Young Voices because it was fun. -Daniela

I learned how to make fractions into decimals. eg. 1/4=0.25-Harry H

I enjoyed doing the Tudor rose and liked doing maths because it was challenging and the rose was fun!-Rory

I have enjoyed doing Young Voices this year because the lights were very cool and I loved the songs. I also loved what the special guests did.-Harley

I have enjoyed doing Young Voices because it was my first time and I loved it!-Bailey

I enjoyed acting out A Midsummer Night's Dream and learning about the Tudors because it was fun learning about the past.-Dom M

I have enjoyed rounding numbers up and down to the nearest hundred because I want to try my hardest in Maths.-Gaby

I enjoyed doing percentages, fractions and decimals in maths.-James

This week I enjoyed English, because I liked the book A Midsummer Night's Dream.-Ted

I enjoyed doing maths, the percentages, fractions and decimals because I was good at it!-Harry R

I have enjoyed learning about percentages in maths this week.-Karl

I enjoyed doing maths with percentages, decimals and fractions because it was challenging.-Connor

I enjoyed doing the Tudor Rose (which was made out of tissue paper) because I liked sticking all of the tissue paper that I'd rolled up.-Ashton

I enjoyed changing decimals into fractions and fractions into percentages because it made my mind think more than usual.-Cam

I have enjoyed using Teamwork with the Tudor roses and helping someone to achieve their piece of work.-Harvey

I enjoyed the Tudor rose. It looked cool, and when I finished it looked awesome!-Josh

I enjoyed learning about converting fractions into percentages and decimals because it was fun and challenging, but easy at the end.-Reece

I loved Young Voices and I feel so proud, it was like my life was turned upside down.-Niamh

I have enjoyed doing my rose because it was fun and I am proud of it.-Caitlin

I enjoyed making the roses because I like art.-Jake

This week I enjoyed doing the scene from Midsummer Night's Dream because I liked acting it out in front of the class.

I enjoyed making the Tudor Roses out of tissue paper because it was really fun.-Oli

I enjoyed doing the decimal work because it was challenging and I like a challenge.-Dom C


English: Over the next few weeks we will be continuing to look at A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. We are really enjoying it so far, and had great fun trying to pick parts of the play we have read so far, to act out.

Topic Work this Week!

This week I have enjoyed learning about the Tudors and the Battle of the Roses. It intrigued me and I thought it was inspiring. -Niamh


As part of our Computing this term, we are going to be more involved in our Class Page, and what is put on here. We will be taking pictures of any good work and writing about interesting things that we have done!


Christmas Jumper Day!!

Demonstrating how to use a Makey Makey to Y5M

We are the Seahorse Tribe and we are: