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Year 5/6B

In science we have been looking at micro organisms. We took a slice of bread, touched it, passed it around, coughed and sneezed on it and generally added as many germs to it as possible. We are now waiting and  watching...

Mouldy bread!

As part of our work on The Stuarts we looked at samplers and had a go at making our own.
On Monday 1st February we visited the Sikh Temple in Sheffield. We learnt about what it is like to be a Sikh.

Christmas Jumper Day

In computing we have learnt how to create a Wordle. We have used these to make our calendars.

We really enjoyed our Britain since 1948 day!

In science we have been looking at how we see things. We did an investigation that proved we needed a light source to be able to see. We looked into a black tube that had no light in. There was a marble in the tube. We predicted that we would see the outline of the marble. We could not see anything as there was no light.

At the start of the year we decided that our class tribe would be elephants. We believe that elephants never forget!

Daniel Shepherd feels that we are trying very hard to live up to this motto and remember all of our learning.

We are trying to remember lots of things we can do to make our writing better.

  • Punctuation
  • Great adjectives and adverbs.
  • Connectives
  • Fantastic presentation.
On Friday 18th September years 5 and 6 held a Japanese Day. We tasted a variety of Japanese foods, including sushi, wasabi and noodles. We also had a go at origami which is very popular in Japan.


We have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. It is a fabulous book about a boy called Michael who ends up on a desert island.

"It was a brilliant book but very emotional!" said Lily Ramsden - Southern.

" A great book about Michael losing his mum and dad whilst sailing around the world!" said Joshua Featherstone.

We have made Daruma masks. They are a good luck symbol in Japan. They are traditionally given on New Years Eve. When you are given a mask you make a wish and colour one of the eyes in. If the wish comes true you colour the other eye in. By Nicky Ritchie.