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Year 5/6N

Welcome to Year 5/6N!

Hello, my name is Mrs Nunnington and we are the Seahorse Tribe. 

Find out about all of the fantastic work we have been doing in Year 5 and 6!


PE Days are Wednesday and Friday


New Spellings are given out every Monday on a Look,Cover, Write and Check sheet. They will be tested on the following Monday.


Homework is handed out on a Friday. It is due in the following Wednesday. Expectations and Non-Negotiables are stuck in the front of your Homework book. If you are struggling with your homework, please feel free to bring it in on Monday or Tuesday and I will help you. 

Medical Mavericks-NHS Careers Week

Mayan Head-dresses

Making Pizzas as part of our 'Home or Away?' topic!

Science trip to Magna!

Science-Types of Change

We have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes and had great fun doing an experiment with Diet Coke and Mentos! We discovered that when the mentos are dropped into the Coke it creates a reaction which forms a gas and there is a fountain! This is an irreversible change.


World Book Day!

Wear Red Day

A few weeks ago,we all wore Red to help show our support and raise money for the Children's Heart Surgery Funds. Today, we were able to present a cheque for nearly £200 to Katie the Bear (The charity's mascot) and a representative from the charity. We also learned about the types of things that our money would be put towards, and the benefits it will have!



Careers Week-This week we have learned about different jobs and have had a go at writing our very own CVs!

Malaria Coffee Morning

We had a brilliant morning-thank you to everyone who came! We managed to raise £59.40 towards buying Mosquito Nets! We used lots of enterprise skills, including Effective Communication, Financial Literacy and Teamwork!


 Raffle and Refreshments

 Our guides!

  Drawing the Raffle!



Today Millie Bright came back to our school to visit, and brought some TV and radio crews with her! We listened really well in assembly, and some of us got to play a football game with her!

We have won the Attendance award and Dave the Dragon for the best attendance (99.4%) this week! Well done everyone!

Our Visit from Excel Martial Arts!

Our Impressionist Artwork in the style of Claude Monet