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Year 5W

Welcome to Year 5W!


Hello, my name is Miss Worstenholme and we are the Seahorse Tribe.

Come and find out about all of the fantastic work we have been doing in Year 5!

Performance Poetry

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We have been reading Michael Rosen's poem, 'No Breathing'. We really enjoyed the poem, and had great fun performing it!

Performance Poetry

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Who sells sea shells on the sea shore?

Coast Homework Projects!

Baking Flapjacks for the Queen's 90th Birthday!

Aztec Artefacts

As part of our topic this term, we have made Aztec Artefacts out of clay. We studied some different artefacts in school, which were of Aztec Gods, and used them as inspiration.





Some of Y5W teaching Y3D!

Can you play the piano with BANANAS?- Computing

Are the Aztecs only famous for Chocolate?

This term we have been learning about the Aztecs. Here you can see some of our excellent work so far!




Computing-How do you make cups of water play the piano?

Fundraising Friday!

A big thank you to everyone who brought cakes and buns into school for our Fundraising Friday Sale. They looked delicious!


World Book Day!

We have made a fantastic effort to come dressed as a book character, to celebrate World Book Day.

Would you live on Mars?

Our topic this term is all about Space! Over the holidays, we grabbed the challenge of creating something space themed with both hands, with fantastic results!

We made cakes:


Rockets and Space Stations:




Solar Systems:



Some fantastic fact files, posters and pictures:




The Stuarts

This term we have been studying 'The Stuarts'. We used dotted paper to design some samplers, which were inspired by Stuart Samplers. Since then, we have been working hard to bring our designs to life using cross-stitch!









Classifying Animals

In Science we have been classifying living things, from plants to animals. This week, we decided to see how many different types of worms we could find in the school grounds.

We used mustard water, and tapped on the ground to imitate rain, to entice the worms out of the ground; then we washed them with water, and observed their different features! In total, we found 26 worms and 7 different species!






Sikh Gurdwara

As part of our R.E this term, we have been studying the Sikh religion. We were lucky enough to be able to visit a Sikh place of worship, called a Gurdwara. We had a look around, and listened about the different aspects of the Sikh religion, before having a snack and drink!






Novelty Jumpers and the Class Party!

Munching on party food!

Sleeping Lions...

Novelty Jumper Day!


This morning we made Christingles, ready for the Christingle Assembly in the afternoon.


Britain Since 1948 Day

We have had a fantastic day learning about Britain Since 1948! We started off by watching a show, where we learned about key events, music and fashion through the different decades. Then, in the afternoon, we used computers to research fashion since 1948 more thoroughly!








This week is Anti-Bullying week. We decided to 'Make some noise' about bullying, and write and perform our own raps about it. We worked together as a team, to create a song about what bullying is, and how to stop bullying.

Guy Fawkes Day

We have had a fantastic day using different skills to design and create our Guys, ready for our Enterprise event of 'Sponsor a Guy'. We used some great teamwork and effective communication in order to build them and dress them.

   Stuffing the tights with newspaper...

              ... to create legs and arms!!

                 Next, we began to dress them smiley

 But all of our Guys were headless (so we improvised!)

The finished products-complete with heads!



Daruma Masks

As part of our Japan topic, we have made Daruma Masks.

A Daruma is a Japanese good luck charm that is usually a New Year gift. It has white eyes but no pupils. When you receive a Daruma you make a wish and colour in one eye. If the wish comes true you colour in the other eye.






Short Multiplication

We are learning a new skill in Maths this week: Short Multiplication. This is the next step on from using the Grid Method for multiplication. As you can see we are working hard to master it!



Below is a guide on how to do Short Multiplication!

How to do: Short Multiplication

Kensuke's Kingdom

In English this term, we have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo. Recently, we have been very busy publishing some of our fantastic work. We have created a Survival Guide for a Tropical Island, where we used connectives to improve our writing.This week, we have written Letters in a Bottle, from the main character, Michael; focusing on using Powerful Adjectives and Adverbs to make our work even more impressive.

Survival Guides for a Tropical Island

Some of our Letters in a Bottle

Japanese Day!

As part of this term's topic, we have had a themed Japanese Day. During the day, we tasted lots of Japanese food and practiced the tricky art of Origami! 


There was sushi, wasabi, noodles and prawn crackers to try.


As you can see, we were all very excited to try these new things.



We were all very brave, even though we really didn't like some of it!




Here are some of the Origami penguins, fish, wolves and stars that we made. 

Reading Corner

This is our Reading Area, where we love to get stuck into our favourite book! 

Off to a fantastic start!

We have already been busy, writing postcards about different places that we have been over the summer, as part of our 'Killamarsh and Beyond' term. 

We also celebrated the Queen becoming the longest monarch, by creating pictures of her in the style of Andy Warhol.


Here are some of our excellent acrostic poems. We have written about how we expect the Seahorse Tribe to behave this year.