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Meet the Governors

Our Governors

Our Governors 1 Mr S Turner
Our Governors 2 Mrs J Bakes
Our Governors 3 Mrs E Chesterton
Our Governors 4 Mr R Brady
Our Governors 5 Mrs M Hagues
Our Governors 6 Mrs F Dawson
Our Governors 7 Mrs C Timms - Clerk

Details of our Governors


Mrs E Chesterton  - Chair of Governors
Mr R Brady - Vice Chair


Mr S Turner - Head Teacher


Parent Governors


Mr R Brady - Health and Safety

Mrs F Dawson - Pupil Premium  and Anti-bullying

Mrs E Chesterton - SEND



Mrs J Bakes

Mrs M Hagues - Safeguarding and Attendance

Mrs C Timms

Teaching, Learning & Community Committee

Mr S Turner, Mrs J Bakes, Mrs F Dawson and Mrs M Hagues.


Premises and Resource Management Committee

Mr S Turner, Mrs J Bakes, Mr R. Brady and Mrs E Chesterton


Headteachers Performance Management Committee

Mrs E Chesterton and Mr R Brady

Name Type Date appointed Term of office Position of Responsibility Committees Class Governor Business/Pecuniary Interest
Stuart Turner Headteacher 01/04/2005 - Headteacher Resource Management and Teaching and Learning n/a None
Joanne Bakes Staff 13/09/2018 12/09/2022 Deputy Headteacher Teaching and Learning and Resource Management n/a None
Vacant Co-opted            
Vacant Co-opted            
Elisa Chesterton Co-opted 16/07/2019 15/07/2023 Chair and SEND Resource Management Y3A & Y5/6N None
Rob Brady Parent 11/02/2016 10/02/2020 Vice Chair and H & S Resource Management Y6B None
Faye Dawson Parent 07/02/2019 06/02/2023 Pupil Premium and Anti-Bullying Teaching and Learning   Y4D  None
Vacant Parent            
Mel Hagues Local Authority 13/09/2018 12/09/2022 Safeguarding and Attendance Teaching and Learning Y4/5G None