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Term 6

Term 6

This term our topic is 'What did the ancient Greeks do for this?'


In History,  we will be learning how ancient Greece has had an impact our life. In English, we will be writing Greeks myths and simile poems.


In Maths, we are looking at measures, geometry and statistics. In Science, we are continuing to look at Changing state. We are still working on our RSPB Wild Challenge and aim to achieve the Silver award.


In Art, we will be drawing and using clay to create greek pots and using clay.


Our R.E. topic is 'Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this?' Our P.E. topic will be athletics and outdoor pursuits.


Our RSHE/Jigsaw topic is Changes. In computing, we will be looking at.

Maths and Art - lines of symmetry

Jubilee activities

Jubilee lunch and Assembly

Collins Ebooks

Each child has been assigned three Collins Ebooks linked to our topic on ancient Greece. They can use these books to support their homework and use towards their Reading Passport.


The books may be lower or higher than you child's reading ability.


Topic display ready for work