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Term 3

Term 3

This term our topic is 'Why were the Celts cut-throat?'


In English, we are reading The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. Children will take part in the trial of the Big Bad Wolf, write their own fairy tales with a twist and create a playscript. In Maths, we will be looking at a written addition and subtraction.


In History, we will be learning about the Iron Age Celts. In Art, we will be exploring Celtic knots and the work of Celtic artist, Jen Delyth. Children will also try paper and wool weaving. 


In Science,  we are learning about Sound.  In R.E., why are answering the question 'Why do some people find Jesus inspiring?' This will also include a visit to St. Giles church. In P.E. we will be creating a dance inspired by our Celt topic. In R.S.H.E./Jigsaw, we will be looking at Dreams and Goals. In Computing, we have been learning how to use safely use email.

'Why were the Celts cut-throat?' display

Textiles- Weaving

Children's Mental Health Week - Exploring emotions using Art

Science of Sound

In Science, the children were answering the question 'Can you see sound?' They carried out 10 different investigations to help them understand sound and how we hear. 



Science of Sound

RSPB Wild Challenge

We are taking part in the RSPB Wild Challenge. We need to carry out 6 activities to receive our Bronze award. The activities are grouped into Helping nature and Experience nature.


Keep checking the pictures below and watch our journey.

RSPB Wild Challenge

Big Schools Birdwatch 2022

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

In English, as part of our work on Traditional Tales, we have been reading 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs'. Today we held the trial for the Wolf. We had a Judge (Miss D), Defence, Prosecution, the Accused (the Wolf) and two witnesses (Granny and the Third Pig). 


The children had time to plan their questions and potential answers within their groups before we set up the courtroom and began the trial. After the trial concluded, the class became the jury.


In a shock turn of events, after hearing all of the evidence, the Jury found the Wolf...



PE - Celtic Dance

Visit to St. Giles Church

Jen Delyth Sketchbook Page

We have been looking at the Celtic artist Jen Delyth. We looked at her use of value, line and shape. We created a sketchbook page and used this as inspiration for our own original pieces. We selected from the media watercolours, soft pastels or oil pastels.


Toilet Roll Timeline

In History, we are looking at the Iron Age Celts. To help the children understand how far back the Iron Age was, we created a toilet roll timeline.

Each sheet of toilet paper was used to represent different periods of time in British History. Children were amazed how far back in time the Celts were and were able to compare this to their Term 1 work on The Normans.

If you are feeling brave and would like to recreate the timeline, have a look at the attached document. This can be completed as a replacement for one of the activities on the homework sheet which will be sent out on Friday.

All you need is a toilet roll and a lot of space!