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Rewarding Excellence

How do we promote positive behaviour?


Our four expectations
* I work hard to achieve my best.
* I respect and demonstrate British values.
* I follow instructions & guidance.
* I take care of property.

These are the 4 expectations we have of children. They encompass all we expect and want our children to achieve. An aspect of 1 of these expectations will be the focus of Monday’s assemblies. A target will be set for individuals, groups or classes to achieve. This provides a focus to the week and is rewarded on a Friday in assembly, usually by certificates.

A copy of the Rewarding Excellence Poster is displayed in the classroom with children’s laminated names around it. This signifies that the child is achieving the expectations. If a child fails to meet one of the expectations then their name is moved away, as a warning, or removed from the board if they have completely failed the expectation.

If children …work hard to achieve their best ...they receive a merit. This is written or a sticker applied to the work, where applicable to indicate their achievement and recorded on the child’s merit sheet. Achieving 10 merits means they are awarded a merit certificate on a Friday assembly.

If children … respect and listen to others, follow instructions & guidance or take care of property ...they receive a team point.
The points are counted on a Friday and the winning team is celebrated in the Friday assembly.

Marbles also build to earn the class ‘Golden Time’.

After 1, 3 and 5 terms = Children who have met the expectations weekly receive a Rewarding Excellence pencil in reward assembly.

Then Special Assemblies to award …
2 full terms = Bronze Award Certificate.
4 full terms = Silver Award Certificate.
6 full terms (Whole year) = Gold Award Certificate and Key ring.
A new Platinum award has been added for those exceptional pupils.

For further information on Behaviour Support and Sanctions please see our ‘Positive About Behaviour’ leaflet available from the office.