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School Dinners

What are the school dinners like?


High quality, healthy, balanced school dinners are provided at the
school from our new kitchen. Our Kitchen and staff regularly achieve the Gold Award from the Local Authority and always the top score of 5 for Food Hygiene rating!


Menu’s are circulated each term. Giving children and you
time to plan when you want your child to have dinners. You can pay for dinners using ParentPay (Details available at the office)

Free School Meals
Parents who think that their children may be entitled to free school
meals can check using the QR code on the flyer or contact the school offiice and we'll get the right information and forms to you. Children having free school meals are entitled to a free packed lunch if they are going on a school visit.

Please note Children bringing their own packed lunches are not allowed to bring
glass flasks bottles or hot drinks/snacks for safety reasons.