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Term 4

Term 4

This term our topic is 'What's the Commotion in the Ocean?'


In Geography, we will be studying oceans, their importance and the affect of people. In English, we are reading A Place for Plastic. Our class book is Shadows Under the Sea by Sally Grindley. This is a ZSL story about endangered seahorses.


In Maths, we will be practicing written methods for multiplication and division. In Science, we are looking at Living Things. We will continue to work on our RSPB Wild Challenge and aim to achieve the Bronze award by Easter.


In Design Technology, will be making Ocean inspired pop-up books. In Art. We will be looking at the artist Hokusai.


In P.E. we are doing gymnastics. Our R.E. topic is 'Why are festivals important?' Our R.S.H.E./Jigsaw topic is Healthy Me. We will be using our DT skills to cut and prepare a healthy pasta salad meal. We will be learning coding in computing.


RSPB Wild Challenge Bronze Award

'What's the commotion in the ocean?' display

Persuasive Letters to Lee Rowley MP

We have written persuasive letters to our local MP, Lee Rowley sharing our views on plastic pollution. 5 letters and 2 Place for Plastic storybooks have been selected from each class.

We hope he will reply or even visit us to discuss how the government plans to solve the plastic crisis.


The Birdman

RSPB Wild Challenge

Easter Egg bunting

Online Safety - Whatsapp

Waves of Wellbeing

Qualitas Invasion Games Event

PSHE Healthy Me and DT - Preparing a Healthy meal

Severn Trent Water Event

As part of our oceans topic, we have had a visit from Leanne from Severn Trent Water.


The day started with a whole school assembly about where our water comes from, how it is cleaned and water usage.


In class, they took part in a practical water activity. Each table looked at a different family's water usage. They measured the water and decided if they were Water Savers or Water Wasters.




A Place for Plastic Storybooks

We have created our own storybooks based on the Twinkl Original story 'A Place for Plastic'.


We focused on the use of fronted adverbials and rhetirical questions. We included lots of description including similes, alliteration and onmatopoeia.


We have enjoyed reading our storybooks to each other.


Waves of Wellbeing' Wednesday.

Each week, we will look at a different ocean animal and how they adapt and cope with their environment. We will then reflect on how we can use this to support our actions and reactions to situations.

Week 1 - Zebra seahorse - keeping calm
Week 2 - Pufferfish - thinking before you react
Week 3 - Mimic octopus - being adaptable
Week 4 - Tube dwelling anemone - stepping out of your comfort zone
Week 5 - Shark and pilot fish - working as a team



Oil pastel Waves inspired by Hokusai

World Book Day

Collins Ebooks

Every child has been assigned three Collins Ebooks linked to our Oceans topic.


These books can be used to support homework.


The books may be lower or higher than your child's reading level.






Rachel Carson

In Science, we have been learning about the work of Rachel Carson. We used the Working Scientifically skill of Research using Secondary sources.



We used our English and Computing skills to produce a non-chronological report on Purple Mash.

Sunflower display

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine.

In light of recent events, our children have created a sunflower display. 🌻