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Summer term

English - In Writing, children will read The Lost Happy Endings and write letters, poetry, a passage of direct speech, a diary entry and an alternative story prequel. In Reading, they will read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Michael Morpurgo. There will be opportunities for children to practice retrieval, summarising, comparing, predicting and sequencing throughout.


White Rose Maths - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - This term we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Year 5 will focus on decimals and percentages. Year 6 will focus on fraction/decimal and percentage equivalents and consolidation of all prior learning, in preparation for SATs.


History - Britain at War -  This project teaches children about the causes, events and consequences of the First and Second World Wars, the influence of new inventions on warfare, how life in Great Britain was affected and the legacy of the wars in the post-war period.


Science - Light Theory - Children will learn about the way that light behaves, travelling in straight lines from a source or reflector, into the eye. They explore how we see light and colours, and phenomena associated with light, including shadows, reflections and refraction.


Art - Statues, statuettes and figurines - This project is linked to our History topic-Britain at War. This project teaches children about the concepts of abstraction and distortion. They study the visual characteristics of abstraction and create a musically-inspired, abstract painting.


RE - The 6 main religions

RSHE/Jigsaw - Zones of Regulation / Relationships

French - School Life

Computing (Purple Mash) - Text adventures / Quizzing

Music (Charanga) - Improvisations with confidence

PE - Gymnastics and movement

Computing-Planning a text adventure

Britain at War-An introduction to the topic