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Times Tables

By the end of Y4, children are expected to know all their tables up to 12 x12. Every Friday, your child will be tested on their times tables and a copy of the test will be sent home. 


Your child will work through different times tables levels. When they get full marks 3 times (does not have to be consecutive) they will move on to the next level.

Bronze - x5 and x10

Silver - x2, x4 and x8

Gold - x3, x6 and x9

Platinum - x7, x11 and x 12


Bronze + - ÷5 and ÷10

Silver + - ÷2, ÷4, and ÷8

Gold + - ÷3, ÷6 and ÷9

Platinum + - ÷7, ÷11 and ÷12


Megamix - All times tables x

Megamix + - All times tables ÷


Children can practise their times tables using their TTRockstars login. Each week, children will be given a 30 minute challenge to complete on TTRockstars.