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KJS Curriculum Statement


At Killamarsh Junior School we want to Grow Successful Futures for our children- through our curriculum. Our vision is for everyone in our school to be confident, resilient and motivated to learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment. Our goal is for children to feel prepared for their future.

At KJS we want 5 A’s for all children:

  • Aspire to succeed
  • Actively learn       
  • Apply learnt skills            
  • Awareness of others and issues
  • Achieve well



We will:

  • Teach the Primary National Curriculum and Derbyshire agreed syllabus for Religious Education as a framework
  • Support children to understand the world around them by promoting spiritual, moral, cultural and social understanding as well as a good understanding of relationship, sex and health education
  • Help to equip them to take on challenges and roles, as they get older
  • Ensure children have a breadth of learning opportunities
  • Design our curriculum to ensure learning is relevant, stimulating and purposeful
  • Promote a solid understanding of core British and shared values or respect, tolerance, equality, personal liberty, rule of law and democracy



  • Children demonstrate knowledge and skill appropriate to their age and starting point.
  • Children value differences in school and their wider community
  • Children are more personally responsible and are better prepared for transition to secondary education
  • Children connect their knowledge with their experiences and relate their learning to the wider world
  • Children can talk about their learning with enthusiasm and have retained key knowledge
  • Children are happy and effective citizens