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Big Battery Hunt

As a school, we have decided to take part in a nationwide campaign to help recycle more batteries. We believe that recycling batteries can make a real difference to our planet, and we want to inspire our young people to care for the environment, now and in the future. This is a great Science project and a great way to demonstrate the Enterprise skill of Making Ethical Decisions.


The Big Battery Hunt will give pupils the opportunity to be pioneers in a recycling challenge to encourage everyone worldwide to recycle more batteries. Our children will not only be in with a chance of winning some great prizes for collecting and recycling the most used batteries but will also develop their maths skills through a number of fun, curriculum-linked homework activities.


Each child, has been given a collection box and an activity booklet to complete. The booklet contains instructions and the competition slip. All pupil collection slips need to be sent by Thursday 26th April so we are asking children to return they slips by Friday 13th April.


We will receive a school recycling container. Once you child has filled their personal collection box their batteries can be added to our main school container.


More information can be found on


Thanks for your support