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Momo & Online Safety Update

Yesterday we spoke to all children about “MOMO” and internet safety following concerns raised by them and you as parents. Nearly all children had heard of this already and playground talk and games were upsetting some children. I spoke to the whole school in a special assembly and then it was followed-up in class discussions, led by teachers.

The so called “game” itself has been further investigated by DCC and found to be hoax, as is the news of what people have done as a result of this but imagery and messages are being shared by individuals, children and families as a result of the hype around it. This is causing the myth and worries to grow on social media


It’s still just as important for us all to keep talking to children and ensure that we have parental control settings activated on all devices children use.


We have asked all children to only talk about this in the classroom with adults present and avoid upsetting others by talking, playing games or singing about it outside. Of course, this may still occur but where it does, we will take appropriate action to support children.


Children know they

  • should only be accessing age-appropriate apps, games and internet content and
  • should report anything worrying straight away
  • should never independently enter personal details on-line for games, apps and social media


I know you will support us in keeping children safe in this way and the need for online safety will always be paramount for our children.